Virtual event and webcasting software
for event professionals

Kastio helps you produce secure and interactive virtual events and webcasts at scale.


Everything you need to run your live events

Setup beautiful event
pages in minutes

Kastio makes it easy to setup and style registration and watch pages and incorporate your clients branding. Change colors, images and text without writing a single line of code, and show or hide only the widgets your want the viewers to see.

Whitelabel pages and URL's

Your clients only see your branding and URL's on the platform pages. They'll think you built your very own webcasting platform.

Fully Responsive Interface

All pages and players scale automatically to fit any browser and device and there are no plugin downloads required.

Pre-show Image & Countdown

When your event is closed, viewers will see your pre-show image with a countdown. This let's you test your live event in background. Once you're ready to go live simply open the event and your viewers will see your live stream.

Control access to your event with most flexible controls in the industry

With Kastio you can control access to your webcasts either through open registration or through secure password protection. Let users access your event with a simple button click, or require multi-field data collection. You can even embed the registration form on any website you like.

Integrated Registration System

Choose from one of six built in access types including unique passwords, email whitelisting, pay-per-view and geoblock out any territories you like.

Third Party Integration

Kastio connects to Zapier which allows you to connect to any registration system that has an API such as Eventbrite or Wordpress.

Multi-room Support

Hosting an event with multiple breakout rooms? Viewers can easily switch between each room, while backend control for each room remains separate.

Dashboard control makes running your event easy

Your live control room shows your production team everything they need to run the live event from a single screen.

Realtime Statistics

Track all the important stats in realtime including viewing watching now, peak viewers, and retention rate.

Team Roles & Client Permissions

Invite technical team members and client moderators under different permissions structures.

Manage Audience Interaction

Kastio includes a complete suite of tools for interacting and engaging your audience.

  • Public Chat
  • Private Q&A
  • Announcements
  • Polls
  • Tech Support Live Chat
  • Third Party Widget Management

Connects into a world-class broadcast CDN

Kastio supports RTMP live streaming and automated closed captioning through our CDN partner Akamai. Experience best in class live streaming on the largest video CDN in the world.

Mange your video archive

Recorded a live stream on your streaming platform? Host it securely on Kastio and offer the replay with full registration and tracking.

On-demand playback

Recordings can be made available for viewing after your event finishes. You can choose which ones to show and hide to your viewers, and they can be accessed using the same registration and authorization settings used for live.

Curate your on-demand library

Add section headers and categorize your clips into groups for a full organized VOD page. You can also include clips from third party video sites like YouTube, Vimeo and Wistia to complete your archive.

Send automated emails
at just the right time

Kastio can send your attendees automated transnational emails that are full editable and can be customized with your clients branding and your company details.

Registration Emails

Sent to everyone as soon as they register with a private link that gives them instant access to the event from their email.

Reminder Emails

Sent at various times before your event begins to remind attendees when your event is starting. This includes the option to send an email when you open your event alerting everything that your event is about to start.

Post Event Emails

Sent after your event ends, post event emails can be segmented between those that attended and those who didn’t. Post event emails can also be used to drive action such as filling out a survey.

Companion app
for in-room attendees

With Kastio, those attendees in the room are not left out. In-room attendees receive a suite of features that they can access from their phone, laptop or tablet through a short link.

For Attendees

  • Take part in polls, chat, and private q&a
  • Access event resources such as the agenda, and powerpoint downloads
  • Receive a video feed which is great for sending PowerPoint slides or supplemental video or audio streams to their device such as live translation.

For Presenters

  • Send approved questions directly to the presenters comfort monitor
  • Send private messages to the presenters monitor
  • Show the time of day and a countdown clock to presenters


Interested in a demo? Reach out.

We’d welcome the opportunity to host a demo and discuss how Kastio can provide you with a great webcasting experience! Simply contact us a ChannelUS@StreamlinedCommunications.com or on the phone at 630-258-8266 and one of our seasoned reps will promptly respond.

Use Kastio for any event you need total control over

Even more things to love

Viewership and attendee reports
Have questions from VOD viewers emailed to you
Backup video player with quick changeover
Third party widget support
Multi language support - English and French
Location geoblocking
Post event URL forwarding
Event resource center for agenda and downloads
Kick viewers & remove registrations
Calendar reminders
Duplicate events
Integrated speed test
Player image snapshots when paused
Browser test to confirm HLS compatibility

What the industry is saying about Kastio

Claude Boudreau

President, Cybermediacom Inc

As a professional webcasting service provider we were considering building our own webcasting platform to better serve our clients. Before jumping in, we were evaluating some of the newer webcasting platforms on the market. It was in this evaluation period that we found Kastio. All we can say is 'wow'. They've built everything we need (and more) in their platform and it's a fraction of the cost to us building our own. Now we're running our biggest webcasts on Kastio and loving every minute of it.

Andrew Irving

Owner & Webcast Producer, IrvTech

Kastio's platform gives me the ability to produce interactive webcasts with enterprise-grade features. The platform lets me deliver on my clients' expectations for a fraction of the cost of previous previous providers. Great work, Eventstream!

Chris Kamarianakis

Executive Director, Protect Your Boundaries Inc

Kastio's integration to our e-commerce system enabled us to seamlessly sell seats to our webcast.  Their execution of the webcast during the event was flawless, garnering a 9.5 out of 10 rating from an audience.

Annual Plans

Pricing starts at
/ Month
Single annual fee based on 100 live participants
Pay Per Event
Pricing starts at
/ Event Day
+ One-time setup fee
Pay per event day based on participants and number of rooms
Includes 30-days for registration and pre-event testing and 30-days of VOD hosting
Add event days as needed. No minimum.
All plans include all features and email support.